Crash courses

The Crashcourses are weekly classes set in a 22-week period, in which experienced actors work on scenes.

The goal is to better prepare them for performances in front of the camera.

How do I read a script correctly? How do I analyse a script? Which questions do I ask a text? How do I perform in front of a camera? How do I craft the perfect selftape?

These are the questions you will see answered during the coming 22 weeks.

For whom?

With the intense tempo of the course in mind, our classes are exclusively catered towards experienced actors who are already in tune with their instrument.


As such we will only accept actors who:

  • Have reasonable experience that they can prove (shortfilms, series, commercials, theatre…)

  • Can provide proof of having completed training (Cinact, diplomas, workshops…)

This way we can guarantee a certain pace and raise the bar, allowing us to push everyone. Experience is vital for this.

Groups will be limited to 12 participants, to ensure intensity and pace. So sign up quickly!



At first the class will limit themselves to the use of only 1 text, which all of the actors will receive. This text will be used to teach and refresh script analytic reading, as the reading of a script is very different from reading any other sort of text.

After this initial reading phase, the actors will get to pick from a selection of scenes. This scene will be studied extensively, with a fixed scenepartner (or alone in case of monologues). This scene will be used throughout the 22 week period. Audition scenes can also be brought to the class, and are thus exceptions.


Throughout these 22 weeks of class we’ll focus on the teachings and theories of Stanislavski, Michael Margotta and Meisner (amongst others). The one goal: performing better in front of a camera.

Your Teacher
Ruben Francq

Born on the 16th of September of 1993 in a set of twins, Ruben was raised in a traditional Flemish family, showing an early love for stories, sports and all things creative. An active, but insecure child, Ruben tended to shy away from his potential and instead tried pleasing others around him. This cumulated in him settling to become a teacher. After graduating as an English and PE teacher Ruben realised with overwhelming clarity his true passion was acting. Finally having found the courage and belief in himself, he set out in pursuit of this goal by enrolling at Cinact Acting Academy in 2018, graduating in 2019. Whilst there he’s had the opportunity to work under a variety of acting coaches and teachers of some acclaim. These include Paul Haggis, Michael Margotta, Anthony Meindl, Steven Ditmyer and Kimberly Graham. He got cast in numerous roles in film, tv and commercials. Ruben’s passion for film, acting, storytelling and teaching combined with an utter love and interest in language propelled him to take up a teaching position at Cinact Acting Academy in 2021, coming full circle in a way.


Practical information


The workshops will be held at our studio in the heart of AED Studios, Fabriekstraat 38C in Lint, close to Antwerp


Classes will be held on Saturdays, from 17h till 20h.


€1200 for 22 weeks

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