Acting course for kids

Ages 5 - 16

Do you like to move people, are you a born entertainer or not? Do you want to boost your confidence, dare to speak in front of a group,… At Cinact Kids you learn it all, you develop your qualities and you push your limits.

During the course, you discover that acting is not just pretending. There is so much more to it. How do you use your voice and your body? Where does an emotion begin, where do you feel it in your body and what exactly do you feel? How can you give meaning to what you feel, learn to put it into words? What is the impact of your emotion/behavior on the other? ...

Cinact Kids is divided into 3 groups. The birth years below are guiding but not binding. We also look at the social and emotional development of each child!

The course is taught entirely in Dutch, but if you wish, you can also get English scripts.


Group 1
Kids born between 2013-2015

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Group 2
Kids born between 2009-2012

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Group 3
Kids born between 2005-2008

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Practical info

  • No lessons during school holidays / extended weekends (lesson dates are communicated at the start)

  • Start September 2020 ( subject to regulation regulations Covid 19)

  • Show moment at the end of May



  • Group 1: Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:45 am

  • Group 2: Saturday from 11am - 12.30pm

  • Group 3: Saturday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

What will you learn?

Group 1: kids born between 2013 and 2015


The focus here is mainly on discovering one's own body. While playing, we consider the four basic emotions (happy, angry, sadness and fear). You will learn to give a name to all those "crinkles and twists" that you can feel in your body, which will stimulate them, but also helps you regulate your feelings yourself.

The basis for acting is laid by means of dance, (fantasy) games, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Group 2: kids born between 2009 and 2012


Here we go deeper into the different emotions. In addition, you learn to improvise, write and play different scenes in groups and learn how to make a scene exciting or moving. You will also learn how to concentrate and focus better.

Group 3: kids born between 2005 and 2008


How do you appear credible while acting? Which techniques can you use? How can you focus better and deal with stress? How do you control your emotions? How do you audition? In this group you will be prepared for the real work. Together with your group members you write and play scenes and learn to improvise. Fun guaranteed!

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